A “Dark” lady

4 07 2012

During most of the daytime, her “face” is dark. Even the hours that the sun eventually manages to shed some light, her steep cliffy face maintains her character impervious to the eyes of the naive visitor.
It was, perhaps, the stiffness of her rocky face and not her orientation which keeps the sun beams off her facade, that made the locals name her by that strange and occult name for a mountain, Dark Lady (Skotini).

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Hiking on a Good Friday

28 04 2012

Most of the times, weather is gloomy on such a day. Either cloudy or rainy, the weather emits sadness. I remember my mother always said, ”it’s always raining on Good Fridays. It’s because Jesus was crucified on that day and the sky is weeping…!”
When I woke up on that Good Friday, I got out from the caravan and took a slow 360deg round turn trying to give a long and detailed inspection of the morning sky and to assess the possibilities for a rain later that day.
Rain appeared to be somewhere near, but it was definitely not its time yet. Few scattered clouds on the horizon on the south west, with a few shades of grey on them, were holding the possibility of keeping the rainy-Good-Fridays tradition rather high.

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Snow slides

3 02 2012

Ever since we met, “M” would always grasp the oppotunity and describe to me, in the most fascinating and lyrical words, the emotions that someone gets while skiing down a snowy slope. Most of those times, she was describing the experience she had obtained when she had attempted skiing, without even taking any lessons, a few years back while her outback travelling in South America, and she urged me to take her word for how beatiful it would be if we would only try this together.
I was a bit sceptical about the whole venture, since the idea of myself, being with both feet locked upon two long planks of wood and sliding down on icy snow, appeared a bit scary and even worse sounded more like a death-threat towards all the living creatures and growing trees that might get into my vicinity.

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“Parnitha Small Round” Revisited in white…!

3 01 2012

It was the last Friday of the year and we had just returned from our Christmas holidays at a skiing resort, in northwestern Greece. “M” had used up all her leave and she had to get back to work. I had a few more days left and so decided to stay off work for one more day…
We woke up early, like all regular working days. Had coffee and got ourselves ready. I had decided to drive “M” to work and then take a small hike at Parnitha. I remembered that one week ago, the meteorologists had said something about “light snowfalls” at Parnitha and the low temperatures that followed that day made me hoping for some more snow ….. I packed my racksack light and we went off. To be totally honest, I wasn’t expecting much as fas as snow is concerned, but it was a far better idea than staying in or footling around….

I left “M” and drove off. There was no traffic and soon found myself driving up the swirling road of the mountain. I had decided to follow once more the same trail we had recently hiked with “M” around the summit. I wanted to find some alternate ending, in order avoid passing throught the burnt zone. A few kilometeres before reaching the point from which I would start my hike, I realised that the snow would be far more than what I had initially expected.

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Parnitha Small Round

16 12 2011

We had always wanted to try a whole new trail route. A route that neither we nor any of our friends would have ever followed through before and which we would some kind of create it ……while underway.
About two months ago, we had decided to stay in Athens for the weekend and for some reason no plans were made with our usual activities.
Despite being in the heart of autumn, we had woken up in a bright and rather warm sunny day. A feeling more similar to the one that someone gets when he wakes up during an early spring morning, was spread out all over our flat. The contrast between the luminous blue sky and our concrete-made ceiling made us yearning for the outdoors. It was the perfect occasion for us to try out having our long time wished sort-of-mapping mountain walk….

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Mystical Rocks

25 11 2011

About a year ago, “M” and I, decided to take a few days off around the period of New Year’s Eve and make a short trip to Thessaloniki. We both had some friends of our own living there and we reckoned it was a great opportunity to spend some time with them and at the same time have our small getaway from everyday life.
We were both fed up with programming of our every day life commitments that we really couldn’t bother with flight schedules and train timetables. We just wanted to take our time and enjoy the whole thing, including the process of getting there. So, we decided to drive and spare ourselves from airplanes, airports, trains and train stations.
A couple of days before our short vacations begin, it hit us: “why don’t we make a small detour and spent a night or two in some other place? Just for the sake of making our trip more interesting….” The decision came instantly. We both had never seen Meteora before and we both always wanted to go there. So, that was the time to do it…

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A Sunday walk at Gerania Mountains

24 10 2011

I remember that during the whole week we were discussing with “M” that the weekend to come would be a weekend dedicated to “ultimate relaxation”…..
We thought we needed a small break from everything, no matter if that was called hiking or cycling or if it was simply involving going out and doing stuff with friends, like we usually do the times we stay in Athens.

So, we decided to spend the weekend at my parents’ cottage, a place that we don’t actually visit so often. The fact that the house is not far from Athens, was just perfect for us, since we wouldn’t have to spend the finite time of a weekend driving in a car.
Despite the fact that the place we would go is located by the seaside and under the foothills of Gerania Mountains, thus combining both sea and mountain, it didn’t seem to matter for us that much, at least for that particular weekend. Our plans did not include any of the usual activities.

On Friday evening we left Athens and got to the cottage, feeling really content that a full weekend of relaxation was lying ahead of us. Read the rest of this entry »